Since the start of Holland Baits, some 8 years ago, we have always been able to distinguish ourselfs by producing the highest quality carpfood. Holland Baits produces boilies, pop-ups, baitsoaks and other bait products that containe everything that a fish needs to grow and develop.
Insiders know that using Holland Baits will increase the number of fish you catch. Holland Baits is one of the view baits that fish will keep returning to time and time again.    
We offer a carefully chosen selection of highest quality baits. Due to the unique compilation of the basemix, that has been designed by profesionals from the animal industy, fish will keep returning to feed on Holland Baits Products. 
The coarse texture of our boilies also insures that the water-solvent attractors will spread quickly. This also promotes "instant action".

All information regarding our products can be found on this site. You can also select Dealers to find the nearest supplier. You can also order directly through the Winkelen

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Kind regards,

Michel Künne, Andy Garrard